My Girlfriend is a Little Eccentric

In fact it is not a big deal, because none of the things that are a bit off with her are serious things. She is strange in humorous and adorable ways, for example she will only use aluminum free deodorant. I do not think that there is any reason for that, she simply got the idea that there was something bad about it. In fact aluminum is basically the most abundant element in the Earth beneath our feet. It is all in the form of Aluminum Oxide, which can appear in a number of forms. It is everywhere and it is used in literally tens of thousands of applications. If she does not want it in her deodorant, then that is her business and I can overlook it very easily. It does not effect me in any way and so I am not going to sweat that sort of thing even a little bit. There are dozens of other things that I find odd, but none of them are important enough to be bothered by and some of them are really cute.

Of course the things you look for in a girlfriend she has in spades. The girl could literally cause traffic accidents when she wears her sundresses and she loves to look good walking down the street. I do not really know how to act when I am with her, because I can tell every guy around is checking her out. I am too, so it is not like I can claim that other guys should not. At any rate I get jealous some of the time, but usually it just feels really great. I know that they all want what I have, that is something that you have to appreciate a lot. You can not take great things for granted.